How do I obtain my measurements?

Please refer to the guide below. Your hair should be as flat as possible to ensure you obtain the proper measurements. When taking your measurements please make sure you are using a soft measuring tape such as the one pictured below.



What is the difference in a Custom STL Creation and Ready To Wear Creation?

Our Custom STL Creations are units with your custom measurements and specifications. With a custom unit, we design your wig from scratch, creating a unit exactly how you would like! 

Ready to Wear units are previously constructed and styled wigs. We release these units throughout the month. Ready to Wear units are sold as is. They cannot be altered or have additional add-ons such as custom color. Ready to Wear units are restocked and available on a first come first serve basis. If there is a unit that you were not able to purchase, you can have it created as a Custom STL Creation and indicate in your request form the style you are interested in.


Will I need adhesive to apply my wig?

No, adhesive is not necessary for installation. Proper measurements will ensure your wig will not require adhesive. Elastic bands are also applied inside your wig to adjust to your liking for a secure fit.


How do I maintain my wig?

Please refer to our hair care page for wig maintenance and hair care tips.


What does the different closures sizes mean?

The smaller the closure size the less amount of parting space, closures that are larger such as (5x5 and 6x6) provide more parting space and versatility to change your part as you desire.


When should I receive my order?

Please refer to our policy page


Can I place a rush order?

Sky's The Limit Hair Collection does not provide rush order services, we value the products provided to our customers and have allotted time to perform those services.


 What are my options if the mail carrier lost my order?

After your order is in the possession of the mail carrier, we are no longer responsible. If the order was shipped to the address you provided and has been lost, you will need to reach out to the carrier service.