About Us

Sky’s The Limit Hair Collection is a provider of quality virgin machine-made units. All of our units are made with the customer in mind. STL Hair Collection’s motto is "There is No Limit to Your Crown." Our motto not only refers to no limitations to your hair, but we also strive to provide women with a source of empowerment and confidence. The STL Hair Collection motto embraces the idea that there is no limit to our physical crown which is our hair or our metaphorical crown we wear as queens. We believe you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.

I started my natural hair journey in 2015. The transitioning stage of becoming natural introduced me to sew-ins and extensions. Sew-ins and extensions were my go-to styles, not only to protect my hair but also, I was what some would call a "lazy natural." I was a full-time college student during my transition phase and the last thing that I wanted to deal with after a long day of studies, was my hair. While wearing sew-ins, I noticed that my hair was growing tremendously. However, I did not like the fact that I could not reach my scalp directly. Being a woman who has an extremely dry scalp, I needed something that would allow me to protect my hair but also give me the ability to nurture my scalp. The solution to achieve both goal was wearing wigs.

I always remember my grandmother who lost her battle with cancer. After having to shave her hair, she would often joke that she would rather be bald than wear a wig. She said that wigs just looked too “wiggish” meaning it was overly obvious that you were wearing a wig. As the CEO of STL Hair Collection, those particular words from her are engrained in my mind when creating every STL Creation. I strive to create wigs that provide the most realistic look as possible. Offering units that give you the freedom of wearing a wig while still feeling beautiful and confident.